February 8, 2023

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However, as a trusted brand with a fairly decent customer service reputation, it should be worth the investment if you have budget to spare. With business overheads creating such pressure at the moment, it’s vital you choose a service whose fee structure suits the needs of your business. Payb’s all-inclusive white label service suits every type of business.

whitelabel payment gateway

The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Enhance or build your brokerage business from scratch with our advanced and flexible trading platform, CRM, and a wide range of custom solutions. One of the most popular crowdfunding platform in Africa that PayStack works with is FarmCrowdy which focuses on sustainable financing white label payment gateway in Nigeria. MangoPay complies with all European Union and card industry regulations in the 31 countries of the European Economic Area, guarantees sensitive data integrity and conforms with PSD2, GDPR and PCI DSS. Appointed representative Operate an FCA-compliant crowdfunding platform in the UK. Utilise’s best-in-class onboarding and operations functions to directly manage your merchant’s onboarding journeys from start to finish.

How to choose a white label payment gateway?

These are only a few of the reasons why an array of companies often consider switching from their own payment gateways to white-label payment orchestration platforms. A new and robust white-label solution can be a real gem for your business, allowing for greater flexibility and matching the ever-changing market trends. The complexity of payment processes has increased dramatically within the last decade. ApplePay, GooglePay, 3DS 2.0, tokenization, crypto-payments, QR-code payments, and plenty of other flows and features are currently highly demanded in different parts of the world. At the same time, entrepreneurs worldwide want to leverage the business opportunities of the fintech industry to stay ahead of the competition. When you establish your own payment gateway, you save the fees charged by third-party providers.

Besides, scaling up a custom solution not only requires a particular set of skills and expertise but also demands a high budget that can be difficult to afford for even the largest companies. Truth be told, not every business owner is completely satisfied with the in-house-made payment gateway. While building such systems, companies often cut corners and didn’t bring in business analysts and software architects which led to a spectrum of unnecessary dependencies.

What is a white label payment gateway?

Offering such services is another opportunity to promote a brand’s awareness, save money, and protect customer loyalty and customer experience at every point in their payment journey. Building electronic payment platforms is oftentimes a real technological challenge. Most companies operating in the electronic payment industry either as merchants or Payment Service Providers encounter the pain of integrations with multiple payment gateways. From processing bank cards, issuing vouchers to integrating various digital wallets or mobile payment systems. Worldpay processes 26 million transactions in countries around the world every day.

whitelabel payment gateway

Plus, its higher-than-average transaction fees of 2.75% + 20p mean we don’t recommend Worldpay to businesses looking to save money. Our team of professional and independent researchers have awarded WorldPay the title of the best payment gateway for small businesses for 2023. This is because it offers flexible plans, making it good for scalability; and it has smart security, which ensures customer confidence when making a purchase. Our platform drives the creation and administration of merchant accounts, resulting in a wide range of digital payment options with your corporate appearance and feel. People from the payment and merchant industries both contributed to the design of the Monek platform. We will set up your personal PSP platform, and you will have access to services like automatic invoicing, multiple payment options, merchant onboarding, and more.

Top 7 reasons to switch from your own payment gateway to a white-label solution

Although Opayo, formerly Sage Pay, has grown over the years, it still remains favourable with small businesses. The payment gateway provider hasn’t forgotten its roots, with its small business packages ideal for those getting their online business off the ground. However, Stripe only offers an onsite payment option, so you’ll have to search for separate tools, like ecommerce builders and card machine providers. In comparison, Shopify offers products for every aspect of the payment lifecycle. Transaction fees are lower for European cards (1.4% + 20p) than non-European (2.9% + 20p), so it will cost you more to deliver to other continents. It should be noted that the latter costs are actually similar to WorldPay’s normal UK-based transaction fees anyway.

  • Appointed representative Operate an FCA-compliant crowdfunding platform in the UK.
  • Let take care of your merchants throughout the end-to-end process, supporting them from onboarding to go-live.
  • It’s simple to set up on your site, has a clean feel for your fans and is a trustworthy name.
  • The platform uses state-of-the-art technology, which delivers a user experience that is reliable, easy to use, and complementary to day-to-day transactional needs.
  • With our 200+ acquirer connections and anti-fraud service providers, we are able to connect our Partners and their merchants to an unrivalled global network of online payment solutions.

Furthermore, White Label Solutions are integrated with Fraud and KYC solutions to enhance protection. Software companies, such as Objective, develop white label software for customers; so that they become ‘the vendors’. Which includes the ability to licence the software under their own brand.

MangoPay: highly adaptive payment flows

The gateway which is innovative & advaced with powerfull tools to increase your business needs. Now we wonder why only 3% of global commerce actually happens online presently. For us, shoppers of today do not want regulatory complexity or a byzantine global financial system. It should be possible to start and manage an online business that can be as successful in say Colombia as it would be in the UK.

whitelabel payment gateway