November 26, 2020

How to Write a Vision Statement

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Nemu won the Ashton Family Award for Female Founders in the 2022 Venture Lab Startup Challenge. Writing a vision, mission, and values statement should be an exercise that is done at the board level – with some senior-level employees. I was recently asked why a business needs a mission, vision, and values statement. It should be passionate and emotional and should convey these feelings through it’s message. Business people tend to shy from conveying emotional messages about hopes and dreams, but that’s exactly how to motivate others. Great leaders know this and, as any student of rhetoric knows, have used it time and again throughout history to gather support around an idea or a course of action.


You can create a longer version, but it should not be the one you broadcast to the world. The first step in writing a vision statement is determining who will craft it. In a small business, you may be able to ask everyone for their insight. In a larger operation, you may need to be more selective while still capturing a range of employee voices. This article is for business owners who want to create a vision statement that defines their values and shines a light on their corporate identity. Note that not all companies have both a mission and a vision statement.

Not to be too harsh though – there are strong elements here; ‘making brands more inspiring’ makes a lot of sense and has some depth. Cascade Overview Build strategic plans, tasks, & achieve those goals. Above all, your vision statement should constantly remind you and your team of the end goal. This message is important to hold on to, especially on the most challenging days. Tying yourself to a particular vision statement in the early days of your business may limit your opportunities for growth or blind you to the need for change. If you need a little more guidance and direction, consult a broad array of downloadable worksheets and templates that offer a framework for developing a vision statement.

Aimed at the future

We’ll explore accounting equation statements and their importance, as well as offer tools and best practices for crafting an inspiring vision statement that powers your growth strategy. Many people have personal vision statements that reflect their individual goals, and if you’re a business owner, our own vision statement may overlap strongly with the vision of your company. It’s important to keep your personal aspirations and your company’s vision separate, so that your company’s vision statement is something that your entire company can relate to and feel represented by. A vision statement outlines the company’s long-term goals and aspirations for the future in terms of its long-term growth and impact on the world.

  • Now that we’ve learned what a company vision is, let’s look at the main differences between a vision and a mission statement, and how they relate to each other.
  • Others do away with the idea altogether, thinking that corporate visions are vague statements that serve no actual purpose.
  • Marketing updated the website, ran a PR, and posted across all company social media channels.
  • Each makes up the foundation of why you do what you do, so you will get there.
  • Whenever we have an initial meeting with a potential partner, be it investor, retailer, distributor or whomever, we start with our purpose and vision.
  • The core values of your company define its identity and how it interacts with the communities and the environment.

Together, these statements provide strategic direction for an organization, informing current and future business strategies. If you’re interested in taking your vision one step further, create a brand vision board, Taylor suggested. A vision statement can be a highly effective tool to keep an organization on track, and unite the organization’s team — from investors to employees — toward a shared purpose. It can also have a positive impact on a company’s well-being. In fact, employees who find their organization’s vision meaningful show engagement levels of 68%, a considerable 52% higher than employees who don’t. Not only do good vision statements keep everyone motivated and moving in the right direction, they also provide guidance whenever there’s a strategic decision that needs to be made.

First and foremost, consider your core values as a company before moving ahead with the vision statement. Your core values outline where the company wants to go in the future. By identifying the company’s culture, purpose and values, you can be sure to align the vision and mission statements as you move forward.

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This doesn’t mean you should put numbers or any financial metrics to your vision statement. Keep in mind that vision creation doesn’t begin with sitting behind a desk and writing black on white. Reach out to your stakeholders and team members who will play a role in realizing the company’s vision. Organize a workshop, or more if necessary, to brainstorm ideas and gather their feedback. The most common mistake we see across the internet and with our clients is that most people do not understand the difference between a company’s vision and mission.

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However, if you can get the right people in the room, and have a trained facilitator, it can be done in a few short hours. As the groups come up with their lists, ask them again to present their ideas to the larger group and then combine and agree to one list. The phrase will get molded by the group and after it is in a final state, read it out loud one last time, so the entire group agrees that it is reflective of why the organization exists. Break into small groups again and spend another minutes brainstorming words that describe why the organization exists.

Writing a Powerful Mission and Vision Statement

Then, it’s broken down even further into a thorough development plan. Put another way, a product vision empowers you to make better strategic decisions and identify the best moves to reach your shared goal. As a business, you face a sea of decisions every day, each one pulling you in a different direction. Having a compass keeps you on the right course, helping you to prioritize actions that move you closer to your mission and vision. This is especially important when your team is feeling lost or tackling conflicting priorities. It should also be actionable, aligned to corporate goals, and accessible to everyone involved.

With so many chefs in the kitchen, the original vision for a product can easily get lost in the sauce. A vision statement sets an organization’s sights on the future. However, once that future is reached, the vision needs to continue moving forward. Your vision statement is a living document, not a set of static sentences. It plays an important part in your overall strategic plan for a certain time frame. It should therefore be regularly updated to reflect your organization’s current purpose.

And the larger your business, the more essential the vision statement becomes. A values statement should be memorable, actionable and timeless. The format of the values statement depends on the organizations; some organizations use one, two or three words to describe their core values while others provide a short phrase. Once you have identified the need, visualize the future for the company. Ideally, vision statements should reflect what the company will look like in five to ten years, though the length of time can vary depending on the business type. Identify where the business is at currently, and visualize where you would like it to go in the future.

Increasingly, firms rely on bottom-up innovation processes that encourage and empower middle-level and division managers to take ownership of mission and vision and propose new strategies to achieve them. Communicating upward means that someone or some group has championed the vision internally and has succeeded in convincing top management of its merits and feasibility. Learn about the basics of the mission and vision development process. You should be sure to include your vision statement in your employer branding, whether that’s on your career page or in your company descriptions. In fact, LinkedIn found that a strong corporate brand can reduce cost per hire by more than 50%. Even though the vision is an expansive and aspirational one, it’s still connected to the mission.

Ideally, your mission statement should be three to four sentences that capture your goals, purpose and your “why.” It’s typically a short statement that you can post on your company website that explains what you do, who you serve, and what makes your brand unique. A business that knows why it exists is so much more powerful than one that just seems to be in it for the money. Whenever we have an initial meeting with a potential partner, be it investor, retailer, distributor or whomever, we start with our purpose and vision.

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You want to draft a great vision statement that describes your company’s long-term goals and the impact of achieving them to inspire your customers, your employees, and your community. That means thinking big during a brainstorm before narrowing your ideas and messages down. The strategic vision of a company should be ambitious, but also realistic. Given the resources your company has available, can you actually achieve your desired goals?

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A strong company culture it’s a very important part of the success of any business. That’s why your vision must be aligned with it, or otherwise, your strategic planning couldn’t work. The best way to learn about vision statements is to look at real-life examples. We’ve gathered 15 vision statement examples from the best companies in the world to help you write your own. Getting the right company vision statement can be an enjoyable process and it’s worth spending some time on it because a good vision statement underpins everything about your strategic direction. When done well it will be memorable, engaging, informative and inspiring.


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